Our approach

In 2011, EnergyGO was founded with the mission to facilitate the transition to a flexible self-sufficient energy system.

To realise this, we have developed a 7-step approach with which we make districts, buildings and organizations more sustainable.

  1. Identify the current and expected future energy demand of a building or area.
  2. Identify energy saving measures to reduce the demand.
  3. Identify nearby existing residual (energy) flows, such as data centers, heat grids and sewage treatment, to cover part of the energy demand.
  4. Supplement the remaining demand with local production of renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal and/or biomass.
  5. Identify potentially regional production of renewable energy, such as large-scale solar, hydro, wind at sea.
  6. Using flexibility and energy storage, match the energy demand and supply using smart IT solutions.
  7. If 100% sustainability is not achievable, the last step is to supplement the remaining energy demand with finite energy resources, such as natural gas, coal and oil products, by applying them as clean and efficiently as possible.